About Reiki Wellbeing

Anna Powell, Reiki Master

I was drawn to Reiki as a practice over fifteen years ago, I knew instantly I wanted to learn and experience as much as I could about it.  I love it’s connection to Japan and as someone who has been lucky enough to visit Japan and enjoy walking the natural surroundings, taking walks along paddy fields to visit, and soak in the beauty, of the local temples, I can get a little feel for the history of this amazing system.  One of the things I value about following the teachings of Usui is it’s simplicity and purity, and that seems to me in keeping with Japanese traditions I have seen first hand.  It is certainly incredible to see how Reiki has travelled as a practice, and how many people have embraced Reiki as it has flowed via the teachings around the globe, just as the energy itself flows where needed.

My own journey with Reiki has been incredibly life enhancing.  I’ve enjoyed many reiki experiences, courses and workshops over these fifteen years and it is a journey that never ends.  Reiki is something I have grown to use every day in a variety of ways.  It is wonderfully fulfilling to deepen our connection to spiritual energy whilst at the same time developing an understanding of how we can improve not only our own lives but life everywhere.

Standing stones with candle on beach

Reiki Wellbeing

Reiki can help the healing process in a holistic way, bringing about a general wellbeing throughout; spiritually, emotionally and physically.  Each person will respond naturally according to their own individual needs.  In my experience, no two sessions are the same; I believe this is because our physical and emotional balance are always changing.

My own experience with Reiki has always been positive.  I have found great comfort in my ability to aid with my own healing.  I feel hugely grateful to have been able to follow Usui’s teachings and to have had such wonderful teachers, and I feel blessed to be in the position to pass on these teachings myself.  To teach Usui Reiki Ryoho brings me great joy!

I hope you choose to experience Reiki, it is a truly beautiful part of our existence and is available for us all to experience and enjoy.

Like stars, mists
and candle flames
Mirages, dewdrops
and water bubbles
Like dreams, lightning
and clouds.

In that way I will view all existence.

(Taken from the notebook of Mikao Usui, dated 1923)

Wild summer meadow