Reiki Treatments

What to expect from a treatment?

The Reiki treatments I offer are generally an hour in length but if you are new to Reiki treatments you may wish to book an initial Reiki Treatment session, which allows a little extra time together prior to the treatment to cover your needs and any questions you may have about the treatment.  Of course I am always happy to chat over the phone prior to a treatment, if you would prefer.

When having a Reiki treatment you can be seated or laying down on a couch, usually it is relaxing to have a light blanket covering you and a cushion/pillow comfortably placed under your head.  I use the a subtle method of hands on or hands off, honouring the traditional Japanese system of Reiki and it’s at this point that you may experience some of the phenomena associated with Reiki, like heated areas of the body, seeing colours and profound sense of peace.   To aid relaxation, gentle music will often be played.  Wearing comfortable clothing is advised but whatever you are wearing you can receive the benefit of Reiki.

Deeply relaxing

As mentioned, when experiencing Reiki people often describe feeling patches of heat and/or the sensation of heat moving around the body.  Occasionally a cooling can be felt too.  Other experiences can be a described as tingling, sometimes seeing colours and images can be experienced.  Mostly experiencing Reiki is deeply relaxing.  The energy flows as it is needed to promote balance; physically, emotionally and spiritually.

I often find people ‘let go’ after a Reiki session; of things that have been worrying them or weighing down on them.  Reiki helps release what is often described as negative energy or energetic blocks, therefore allowing for healing to take place.

Young woman receiving hands-on Reiki treatment
Reiki Treatment

£40 /1 hour

  • 'hands-off' or subtle 'hands-on' technique
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